Infers Group is a knowledge management company that exists to bridge the gap between society and the knowledge producers in Africa. Based in Gaborone with an extension in Cape Town, South Africa, we bring together brilliant minds, creating ecosystems that allow the ambition of knowledge economies to become reality.

Already firmly placed in the knowledge economy, Infers Group creates ecosystems, networks and smart cities that support innovation through a project economy, using a youth-employing-youth model designed to facilitate the development of generative youth owned enterprises.

Knowledge Management

  • Monitoring and Evaluation for programmes and projects.
  • Capacity Building for African knowledge economy enterprises.
  • Developing systems and tools to manage networks, products and services that drive African knowledge economies.
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Ecosystems & Networks.

  • Developing platforms for collaborative multidisciplinary projects within ecosystems.
  • Facilitating ecosystemic thinking and projectization.
  • Mapping value chains in various sectors.

Infers Group has experience in devising, funding, implementing and managing projects that deal with communicating and establishing reliable knowledge in society. This has involved specialist campaigns linking scientific research to relevant, affected communities. This work received endorsement from the Wellcome Trust that now relies on Infers to undertake research and participate in several projects in Africa.

Infers Group unpacks policy development issues and advocates, through creative collaborative projects, for a more research-friendly environment. This includes managing projects, intellectual property, providing monitoring and evaluation and advanced services, and linking knowledge producers in all sectors (science, research, technology, creative industries) with policy makers, business community, the public and various community groups to advance African development.

Strategy & Risk Assessment.

  • Developing strategy and implementation plans for programmes and projects.
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Science Communication & Public Engagement.

  • Facilitating multidisciplinary collaborative projects.
  • Translating scientific knowledge for the public through the creative arts.
  • Managing and implementing public and community engagement projects.